4 Often-Forgotten Ways To Save On Taxes As A Teacher

If you are a teacher or staff member in either an elementary or secondary school, there are numerous ways that you can save on your taxes. Many teachers are aware of the $250 classroom supplies deduction they can take on their taxes as well as the Lifetime Learning Credit. However, these are not the only ways to save on your taxes as a teacher. Here are four often-forgotten ways to save on your taxes as a teacher. Read More 

3 Ways to Save on Taxes as a Teacher

If you are a teacher, there are a variety of different deductions that you can qualify for when it comes to tax season. Here are five deductions that you may be able to take advantage of on your taxes this year if you are a teacher.  #1 Classroom Supplies The tax code realizes that most teachers purchase their own supplies for their classroom and builds in a standard deduction that you can take for all classroom-related expenses that you were not reimbursed for over the past year. Read More 

Understanding Claiming Children As A Dependent

It is an unfortunate reality that income taxes need to be completed each year. Both federal and state taxes need to be filed. If you are confused about your taxes or completing them for the first time, then it is wise to speak with an accountant or tax professional who can assist you. If you want to do your taxes yourself, then you should try to avoid some common mistakes that some individuals make. Read More 

Small Business Tax Credits To Know About For Your Tech Support Business

Strategic tax planning is a proactive approach to paying taxes that minimizes the amount that a successful business must pay. This is done in a lawful way where regulations are followed and compliance is retained when it comes to paying taxes. Typically, the tax planning strategy takes place all throughout the year before taxes are filed so you know what to expect from fees and deductions. Larger businesses will often structure their business, provide employee benefits, and work on asset protection to maximize tax benefits. Read More